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Poet-psychohistorian Niall McDevitt takes the literary walk back to 14th century London and the era of England's greatest medieval poet, Geoffrey Chaucer.

Born circa 1343 and dying on 25 October 1400, Chaucer lived through the reigns of three kings, Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV. Though of middle class origin he was closely involved in the court, as poet, diplomat, trader, and possibly spy. 

Through marriage he found himself uncomfortably close to the most hated man in England, John of Gaunt, de facto ruler during the pubescence of Richard II. Having been lucky to survive the Black Death in 1347, he was even luckier to survive the Peasants Revolt of 1381.

Join us for an original and accessible London pilgrimage with tales of poetry, revolution, and the genesis of English language, literature, and culture as we know it today. 

The route begins at Aldgate and ends at Southwark, the departure point for his own imagined Canterbury pilgrims. Meeting at Aldgate tube at 2pm, EC3N 1AH. £10. Please click here for tickets.