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APR 7th: Poets Of The Embankment

Poet-psychogeographer Niall McDevitt leads a walk of discovery along the Thames tracing the dazzling history of poets and poetry in the area. 

The Elizabethans, the Romantics, the Decadents and the Beats feature in force.  There are the geniuses of England - Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson - the geniuses of Europe - Heine, Rimbaud, Verlaine - and the geniuses of America - Melville, Ginsberg, Dylan; as well as a bonus Robbie Burns from Scotland.

In this wide ranging and imaginative 'wandering lecture' McDevitt tells stories including the bloodcurdling details of the Peasants' Revolt, how Geoffrey Chaucer luckily managed to escape death at the hands of the Kentish rebels, and much besides. 

Meet at 2pm in the churchyard of St Martin in the Fields., Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ. The walk will last approx. two hours and will finish in The Olde Cheshire Cheese close to Blackfriars tube. £10 For tickets, please click here