Selected Poems 2015-2017 Greta Bellamacina

Selected Poems 2015-2017 Greta Bellamacina


This new selected poems confirms Greta Bellamacina as one of the most significant female voices under 30 in British poetry. It brings together her sold-out 2016 collection Perishing Tame - “a dazzling meditation on motherhood, female identity, ennui, and love” - with 14 new poems from 2017 including the anthemic Tomorrow’s Women, which has been turned into a film for British Vogue.

Bellamacina writes with a liquid musicality and existential complexity, influenced by the French Surrealists, Slyvia Plath, and Anne Sexton. Her poems encapsulate the contemporary moment— dealing with the refugee crisis and Brexit, as well as cultural events like the deaths of Leonard Cohen and Heathcote Williams. She unafraid to explore big themes such as technology and revolution, and always with a romantic intimacy. The poems in this beautifully designed volume are transcendent, serious, and euphoric. 

“I am in awe of her achievements”

- William Seighart

“Greta has a magical sense for words, which she uses like colours or musical notes: an abundant feeling for them, a capacious reservoir of them, seeking form.”
- A.C Grayling

“Greta has a beautiful and powerful use of language.”
- Vivienne Westwood

 “Bellamacina is garnering critical acclaim for her way with words and her ability to translate the classic poetic form into the contemporary landscape”. - Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine 

ISBN: 9780995480780

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